I’m going to MAX to blog about it!

This is my entry to Ben Watson ask for demos. The follow application is an enterprise portal built with Flex 1.5 and Java – which was already for the previous portal version – as backend. All data is from a development database, of course. The entire portal contain dozens of application, the vast majority focusing on management and decisions takers, and also used on meetings rather than a lot of papers.

This is the logged in home with the full header. It presents pods and a customizable area where the user can put and arrange the pods the way they need it. Pods represents important information and mini application funcionality. When the user clicks the pod header he’s redirected to the full application.

This is one of the applications, a Windows Explorer style application for browsing folders and files featuring file upload and download.

The header is the portal main’s navigator, but it has also a collapsable menu, with special info, shorcuts for utilities, applications and documents.

This is an application for managing export process. It was a big Excel sheet, and now is converted into a single, useful and usable application, focusing on analysis.

This one is a financial analysis and the below chart represents gross, incomings and costs on a weekly basis.

This represents financial information too, but with a specific focus for the company that use this application, with specific performance indicators. The chart represents specific projects, comparing specific and selected indicators (the colored ones above the chart). In this shot the user is using a zoom tool to exclude a column that is distorting the chartview. In the right bottom the user has tools to manipulate the chart, like remove or mantain specific columns, restore, etc.

And this is me, in the AUG-SP July meeting, “posing” for photos with Adobe gifts to raffle (the Adobe hat, of course..).

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