Turning Up the Heat with ColdFusion?

Adobe paid for a white paper that analyse and state some good (and hide some obvious, but not pleasant) findings about ColdFusion. It’s a nice paper on the history and features of ColdFusion, but to me, is more of a sad and nostalgic paper about how powerful it could be if different strategic path was adopted by Adobe some time ago (circa CF7-8 era) – but that’s a different (and old) history.

5-7-2013 12-55-01 PM

The white paper states:

ColdFusion has remained popular among its loyal users and has continued to attract new developers interested in its unique blend of capabilities

ColdFusion continues to attract new developers? Seriously? That’s funny. For a long time I’ve being looking and I couldn’t find not a single book about ColdFusion on the major physical bookstores in the US, with some rare exceptions (maybe that’s because books are a thing of the past, right?). What to say about the attraction of new developers? I’m yet to see a developer that pick ColdFusion as a language/technology by choice instead of doing it because it’s employee asks them to do (legacy code maintenance?). When I read this statement, I felt like: