Dreamweaver MX and CFStudio5 Lay-out comparison.

Dreamweaver MX

When working with Dreamweaver MX, the resource windows,
very often, can fill more than 50% of the entire screen. This
is a pain in the ass when you need to open and edit a file
that is inside a folder inside a folder, inside another folder and so on.
Not to mention large file names... How about use your 29' TV?

Things I hate:

No, I don't use 38000x768 resolution screen... :o)

ColdFusion Studio 5.0

ColdFusion Studio 5.0 separates disk drivers from folders and
folders from files in three different spaces in the same window.

Things I love:

Any clues about how to make DWMX files resource windows
looks like the old CFStudio?